stephanie day modern artist

Artist Statement

Raised by creative parents in an artistic surrounding, Stephanie Day discovered art at a young age. Her interest in drawing and painting led her to formal training at Arizona State University, earning a bachelor of fine arts degree in painting with honors.

Day’s painting style was inspired by her experience growing up in two different religions. The devotion of repetitious prayer and meditation underlies the expression portrayed in each piece. Her unique use of layering color, media, and organic forms create depth and complexity that is striking yet visually pleasing. The artist uses Christian symbolism in her work correlating each layer with the stages of atonement. The painting is primed pure white, which is then covered by the lifeless brown tone. Day then adds a layer of wax stamped with circles to represent our covenant to God.

“He anointed us and set His seal of ownership on us and put His spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.” 2 Cor.1:21-22

Day relates the circle as the symbol of God and life, repeating the shape to represent consistent prayer. While the dark areas reflect the unexpected struggles we endure, the lighter values portray our joyful victories. “My goal is to symbolically depict life’s journey through trials and tribulations leading up to salvation.”

Stephanie Day has exhibited her artwork at numerous galleries, retail, shops and restaurants.

In addition to her painting, she consistently travels and studies fine art from various European communities while gaining creative inspiration. Day has used her talents to help local charities by donating paintings to CASA, Hospice of the Valley, AHHA, and other organizations. Currently, Day is working as an interior design professional, creating artistic interior installations.